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Red Lily Beetle

Red Lilly Beetle






The Red Lily Beetle and its larvae are leaf-eating pests of lilies. The adult beetles occasionally eat other plants but lilies are the only plants on which they will lay eggs and the grubs can develop. Apart from spoiling the plants’ appearance, damaging attacks in early summer will result in undersized bulbs developing, which may not flower next year. The Red Lily Beetle overwinters as adult beetles that go down into the soil and leaf litter in the autumn. This could be anywhere, not necessarily in the vicinity of lilies. The beetles begin emerging on sunny days in late March and April when they seek out the foliage of host plants. Eggs are laid in small batches on the underside of leaves during April to mid-summer. The eggs hatch and the larvae feed on the foliage. When fully fed, the larvae go into the soil to pupate. The next generation of adult beetles emerges from mid-summer onwards.